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"There are very few people in the world who I am willing to recommend people to for training and Adam Chan is on the Short list of that Short List.." read more..

Steve Smith Inheritor/Leader Yueng Chuan

"Adam Chan is, without a doubt, a very capable and skillfull martial artist whom I respect immensely, and anybody attending his class would benefit greatly from his experience.." read more...

Tommy Carruthers Advisory Board Member Of The BRUCE LEE FOUNDATION

"I would highly recommend Adam Chan and his teaching/learning materials to anyone who is interested in learning serious self defense.." read more..

Lamar Davis Jr. Founder of HARDCORE JEET KUNE DO

"Adam, is a great young martial artist. He reminds me in many ways of Tommy Carruthers, Mike Lee, Bruce and a few others.." read more..

Michael Quijano Muay Thai Champion, Wing Chun Sifu

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