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Contentment and happiness

I once met a woman who came from a place where they had no electricity. No tv, no internet, no phones. The bathroom was outside, had to hike for water. Everyone knew everyone, their idea of hanging out was sitting on tree singing. They had nothing, just food, and shelter. But she has never heard of depression or anxiety in her village and no one was stressed out. Everyone was happy. I find that a very attractive quality.Empty inside, chase outside, stress.Full inside, need much less from outside, contentment.Too much stimulus and you lose the ability to enjoy just being alive.Simplify your senses.That’s the whole point of zen arts:- Tea Ceremony – happy to enjoy a plain cup of tea- Zazen (sit meditation) – happy to just sit and breath- Zhang Zhang (stand meditation) – happy to just stand and breathe- Gung Fu – literally happy when someone is literally trying to punch you in the headAll teach this one essential thing – to be happy with the simplest of things, to return to direct simplicity.Rewiring your nervous system to be happy with the most basic, primitive things, that’s the whole idea, not for fighting efficiency – if it was just for efficiency, guns work better.Every day I listen to people complain about problems, 99% of the time, it is about things they don’t really need and even if they get it, they will just want something else anyways but they were trained since birth to constantly want more and more and more, what chance do they have to be happy? The good news is you can re-train your brain – doesn’t mean you have to do Zen arts or Gung Fu, there are a million ways.

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