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Stop playing around

When is speed useful , when is it pointless? When is accuracy pot shotting useful, when is it pointless? When is power useful when is it pointless? When is tactile sensing necessary, when does it just becomes a game? Always know the difference between showing off vs function

One should be able to walk into any place and within a few seconds see who might be a problem. You can leave and if you cannot, you can position yourself, carry yourself and speak in such a way that turns off his skills. By the time he sees walks up to you later, you have already turn off his stuff and there is no way he can win even if he's better in “fighting”, even if you stood directly in front of him. The only thing left to do is to decide rather you need to take him out. It is like having a gun drawn, pointed, cocked and ready under your coat when his gun is still in the glove department of his car lol because you made him leave it there. Does it matter who's a better shooter??? “combat is not a race to see who's faster nor is it a game to see who's stronger” – MUsashi. 

This is especially important in a group/weapon conflict.This is how animals hunt, having your hands up bouncing around is not. People seem to be impress with speed and the back and forth thing, my turn , your turn thing. I watch a lot of MA clips this morning on FB, modern MA is so remove from war arts.There's a clip with O sensei (founder of aikido) coming back from the war,just sitting in a room just watching quietly as people train…. there was no openings in his awareness of the room…. zero…. watching that clip always scares the crap out of me. 

Being invisible use to be an important thing. NOw MA is different , ppl want to do the opposite, I saw a guy at my gym the other day, in a tap outmartial club t-shirt , yelling and shadow boxing by the squat machine hahaha. SOmetimes I am embarass to tell relatives I do MA, they automatically say ” O you are one of those martial artsy macho tough guys” and its like heeeeeeey , come on now, not all of us are dickheads haha

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