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Respect the Founders

Honor your founders 

Learn from them
Respect them
Forever be grateful for your teachers 
pay their kindness forward

Honor your founders 
Dont challenges those you think you can take
Instead, help those weaker
Don't kiss up to those who are better
Instead, offer genune friendship 

Honor your founders 
If they have done their job right, you don't need your teachers 
and a good one will send you on your way to find your own way.
Just like a good parent prepares their children to go on their own 

Honor your founders 
do not fight over a name, who's doing an art right 
because without sugar coating it, that kind of fighting is really this:
you are fighting over who's the best copy cat 
And I doubt that what the Greats teachers stood for.. 

Honor your founders 
Did he not told you all not to spread his art? 
So get some courage
built your own house
Be your own man
Do your thing
Make your own name
Find your own art 
Blaze your own trail
Dont sell him out , he made a simple request 

The greatest irony in the history of martial arts are how free men have always produce the biggest amount of slaves

The greatest self reliant thinkers have produce the greatest amount of co dependent sheeps, cult members and fan boys

The greatest creative men have produce people who follow but create nothing on their own

Honor your founders

These old MA tenets should not have to be said but as I look around today on MA… thought I ll throw out some old fashion thoughts. Poor Bruce sigh..

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