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Originally, in ancient times,the stuff was not a game. If it work people lived, if it didn't work , people died. Now we live in more peaceful times where people can do this as a hobby and have the luxury to look at stuff from their ego instead of from survival. This is good because we live in peaceful times. On the other hand, it is bad because if we lose the idea of facing real threat and fluff away, denial, ego , politics,disrespect and being a loud mouth tends to grow and hit the roof,becoming daily habits – what do you expect if we turn combat into a play-thing?? If on the other hand facing real danger/death is presented as the medium somewhere along the path, then it forces people to consider things like what they will die for , what they will live for, why would you ever want to hurt another human being, when would you give yourself the permission to do so, why is it important to be humble, why show respect , why is peace and love so important, why we humans have to constantly create conflict etc etc etc – if taken far enough, it tends to ask more important questions usually leading to the beginning of healing. The Balanced tradition of the 2 fold way- art of peace and war have merit. Teaching one without the other have always lead to a mess if you look at history.

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