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Hate and Anger Poisons Your Life

I have tried for 5 years on the internet with constant posting to write on 1 theme: rather things work or not have nothing to do with styles, there are specific reasons why that can be look at. The reason I have try hard to push this theme is because fragmentation, separation destroys criticial thinking/intelligence – but truth be told, I could care less rather strangers I dont know on the internet can make their stuff work or not. I keep presenting this theme because I hope by talking about it through MA, people can take this mentally into their daily life. There will never be any peace and unity when our minds is train to separate things into ” us vs them ” – this is the base line for hate and discrimination. I hope through MA people can stop that mentality in society at large. I grew up with a lot of racism and hard core religious people around me. I see the same discriminating/prejudice/separating mental structure in MA. The root of it is training the mind to separate things, to create “us vs them” , it is the training to hate……

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