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Fixing things

Any one can tell when someone is really sick and not feeling well, but few can fix it. Like wise in MA, any fool can crittize and say something is bad, that take no talent or real intelligence. But a good artist can fix it. 

if you just critize, you learn nothing, you just walk away arrogant. But if you form a habit of asking how to fix it, then it become a exercise of intelligence. You will form the habit of seeing weakness and strengths and how to reverse it 

A good teacher should always protect his students from his own influence, especially when students are starting to say ” hey if i learn this I do not need to research anything else” … WHenever I heard that, I correct it right away

Whenever my student/friends tell me so and so does this and it sucks. I say OK, now tell me which part of it is good and tell me how you would fix the “bad” part. Now instead of allowing and developing arrogance, they are instead developing intelligence and critical thinking . MA should make you smarter not more stupid

This is what happens when I wake up watching people critizing MA clips all over FB

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