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Ed Hart Quotes

Some Ed Hart memories / Quotes 

” This stuff changes people dont know why and don' wanna mess with it “

” It takes a willing student and a willing teacher, if you are willing, promise to make
you good”

” Bruce lee this, Bruce Lee that, can't people think without Bruce Lee?”

Anytime there's a political MA quesiton ” i don't wanna get into that” 

With a terrify look on his face …. “Fook yueng can move across the floor low like a crab and fast”

“Jesse have so much skill” ( with a puzzle yet very impressed look on his fast)

” Bruce can move in on you before you can do anything !!” 

” you don't notice it , you adjust a little here , a little there, when you look back , its a big change ” … Ed on innovation

” right !!!” 

” Too many movements ! No wasted movements !!!!!!!!” … on Martial crime lol 

” Bam! he doesnt see it” 

” He is just the pad” ….. on fear 

” knock em goofy haha” 

and my favourite of all ” yes, yes ” with his laughter

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