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I spend the morning reading some works of Budo ….. 

A real painter does not paint just to decorate, there is something much deeper for his self actualization and yet he cannot get those benefits if he refuses to work with colours and paint. A master of Zen tea ceremony is not just doing his thing because he's thirsty but it is his “way” to be one with the tao and yet that cannot be accomplish if he refuse to work with tea leaves, heat and water. You cannot “get” the higher nature of the arts if you denied and refuse the basic element of it.

Martial Arts is no different, a real MA does not train just so he can fight or it will be poison to the heart.There is much more to be realized: courage, confidence, sensitivity, creative force etc and yet one can NOT realize these things if he refuse to see the basic nature of it is to deal with an attacker. If denial is the beginning, all is lost, the stuff must work. This is the 2 fold way.

Menu is not the food. You cannot know this through intellectual concepts of any kind. All though it is nice to read. Reading a book about a place is far from the reality of actually going there. If there is anything call personal development then it must start with something that is like a mirror in which we can see ourselves. When there is clear present danger that you face, it is not a game and in those critical moments everything you ever need to see about your mind and body will be reveal. Your awareness, courage, confidence, calmness, compassion, will , heart and everything physical will be tested and reveal to you. The type of people this kind of stuff produce are people who hate violence and do not like to talk about it and yet ironically is the type of people who are the most efficient in combat. 

If on the other hand , we turn this stuff into a feel good thing, a game of some sort, it will not produce the qualities mention above. Denial is not real peace and showing off is not real power. In order to be truly efficient, we need to connect and feel things before they can be done to us, connecting well is efficiency and connecting well makes you want to stop hurting others. 

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