Throw it

  What was practical and useful will one day become useless and impractical. As you improve, your responses will evolve because you will more and

Stop it

” Aikido is the forging and study of the spirit”o sensei , founder of Aikido” 1 real swordman is worth more than 1000 pretenders” Tesshu, founder

What the heck do you teach

PUBLIC Course outline – phase 1 to 3 Phase 1 1 power punching and slapping 2 footwork Without powerful tools there is no self defence, without footwork,

FAQ: how long does it take

FAQ ” how long does it takes???”    We are gonna harden up your skeleton system, strengthen your muscular system, unblock your energy system, re-wired your


Yesterday on a JKD forum, I read some stuff on NCGF, ppl wanna start politics over “leaders” to cause ratings on a site. I just

Does it help?

FAQ ” adam will your dvd help me defend myself?”. I get this alot the answer is NO. I finally got a chance to meet

This School

    Why train? In this place, it is for a real traditional reason. YOU learn to shut an attacker down in literally 3 seconds for

Check this out

 JOIN NOW – my new fighting training!!!! the most deadly course in the world. No previous experience necessary, no reference check  criminal record doesnt matter

Chi Gung and MA

Chi Gung and fucntional Martial arts I start Chi gung 20 years ago IN pile standing from Yi quan. When ppl say chi gung, they

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Wing Chun Training

Join Adam’s Local Wing Chun classes in Coquitlam, BC.

This course teaches you direct methods to connect, relax and to flow with the moment, energizing the mind when dealing with pressure.

Send us your name email and previous experience to try a class.