Human needs and MA part 2 , level 2

  We need respect, we all wanna feel appreciated, we like “likes” , praises and not criticism. In MA there is enough politics and flames

Fear and Martial Arts : Part 1

Human Needs and MA : Part 1 , level 1 This stuff is for self protection so it have to work.People that is chiefly concern

The Difference between jkd and NCGF

entering   JKD , what I commonly see is guys in on guard position boucning around, sparring, probing with false attacks to see the type


When I first started teaching, I never wanted to – I didnt like speaking in front of a group, I was shy, I didnt like


When u go fast, its good, it can cover alot of time but when U go slow it amplifies all your mistakes. Get someone to


Yesterday , we talk abt the danger of misinterpretation. Today I would like to talk about misinterpretating things on purpose – this means to use

Few Things

It is better to get good at a few things than to try to master too many things at once. Its is better to get

What are we doing???

    Just got back from class. Today I met a man in my class, he’s 35 and he just started GUng Fu. He regretted

Bullies and Bullshit

Bullying is often seen as a children event, because of this it will never stop until the adults see that it is safely accepted into

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