simplicity , is there such a thing?

Was on a forum reading about simplicity. To me there is absolutely nothing simple about simplicity. And it is a grave mistake to think the


Lately, a few instructors that come to me for instruction wants to keep it a secret from their respective systems and have ask me to

Helping Out

     Sometimes, I see people talk about great teachers , there’s so much appreciation, that’s good to see. I see teachers demonstrate, calls on

Should be

The dumb ass stuff I do haha….       And so Once again , I got all these ideas in my head. I have a


MARTIAL MEDIAIt is much easy to say “look we all get scare , that fight or flight, normal human behavior, so get use to it,

Specific Training

Look at Martial arts like medicine. DO you  A)  go to the pharmacy , grab and buy your “favourite ” bottle of pills and then

Simply Put

Simply, it is awareness and the ability to shutdown what you are aware off. The first is complete stillness and the second is the ease


Sometimes I think RBSd, Sport, Traditional doesn’t matter – if you have the eyes to modify your stuff then you can adapt it, change it

Questions after a training session

    It really doesn’t matter if its modern or classical, sport or rbsd, soft or hard, it doesnt matter what  country or race it

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