Blind Spots

Ever notice a funny habit ? When we see others stuff, we automatically say “o it's just this or that ” .Sometimes that's true but

One beat and the doors it opens

If you win the first beat, styles no longer matter, he's so off balance mentally, you can finish it anyway you wish. If the first

Days you feel stuck ????

  Isn't it amazing how the nervous system, muscular system and skeletal system adapt and change over time through the medium of practice? Almost like


This is a question I get a lot recently: How can I get certify to teach PMA …I think this question will give me an

Point of View

It’s been quite a few months since I film my own testing, no excuse , just forgot, got sloppy. Tonite, I film it. I notice

When Life gets in the Way

One thing I get a lot is people feeling down that life gets in the way of their training. Some have full time school, some


” The big mind, the body always knows what it needs to do to balance and heal itself. We just have to learn to get

How It Came About

So an idea grabs your head, not sure if it will work. Is very discouraging since only 1 out of 20 of my ideas goes

A Process

    Just finish a Joseph Campbell book so I thought I will share a few thoughts that probably wont make any sense LOl You

Low self esteem and Achieving goals

    Interesting, through the years the amount of people who have stated they love martial arts, they wanna be great in martial arts and

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