Be like Water……..Whatever

Be like Water…..   “Be like Water”, if I hear the MA media throw this statement around anymore ,as though it is some high level stuff,


I was reading an article about how people laugh at how Gung Fu traditionally models themselves after animals….  Real successful, skillful attacks looks almost too


  If you wanna know an art , don't look at the stuff of what a man taught, look at how he fought, most Top

If you wanna Train

Recently, I had a lot of time to consider things and I Have made the decision that I will no longer be doing any more


Intimidation….. This is something I witness this morning at the gym AGAIN sigh…. For those who fall victim to this please remember some basic facts

Classical Mess ???

I knew I shouldn't have pick up a black belt magazine and read the “combatives” article. It seem the problem is not Martial Arts. Rather,


Do not try to explain things away…. let the body teach the mind… said in another way , let the big mind teach the small

If there ever was a secret

The Secret is in the BASICS – good advice from people like Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordon, Mike Tyson, Tyler Woods, Bruce Lee, O Sensei ,

Martial Poison

If you practice a MARTIAL ( literally war, aka fighting, combat ) art and it doesnt work under a real attack then it is not

MA – an Art ??? really ???

martial ART is a name taken for granted and thrown around a lot- is there anything ARTISTIC if nothing is created from within ? Looking

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