Gung Fu

If you feel soft to the partner , there should be hardness inside ” iron wrap with cotton” (Old Tai Chi saying). If you feel

Respect the Founders

Honor your founders  Learn from them Respect them Forever be grateful for your teachers  pay their kindness forward Honor your founders  Dont challenges those you

Ed Hart Quotes

Some Ed Hart memories / Quotes  ” This stuff changes people dont know why and don' wanna mess with it “ ” It takes a


Originally, in ancient times,the stuff was not a game. If it work people lived, if it didn't work , people died. Now we live in

Fixing things

Any one can tell when someone is really sick and not feeling well, but few can fix it. Like wise in MA, any fool can


I spend the morning reading some works of Budo …..  A real painter does not paint just to decorate, there is something much deeper for

Learning to move

 IMO motor learning is a gradual process, trying to pin it down to when it is developed is almost impossible for any artists. He did

Hate and Anger Poisons Your Life

I have tried for 5 years on the internet with constant posting to write on 1 theme: rather things work or not have nothing to

Stop playing around

When is speed useful , when is it pointless? When is accuracy pot shotting useful, when is it pointless? When is power useful when is


Talking to a friend today about MA got me thinking .Never hype up what u do even if you can get the world to believe

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Wing Chun Training

Join Adam’s Local Wing Chun classes in Coquitlam, BC.

This course teaches you direct methods to connect, relax and to flow with the moment, energizing the mind when dealing with pressure.

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