Sometimes , when people see Wing Chun related arts, people say that it is over kill to move in with 10-20 strikes. They say it

Verbal Tactics …

I Just finish reading a RBSD book on Communications. Out of respect, I will not state who the famous author is.  some stuff commonly taught

The Cure of Bitterness

Had a conversation with a very good friend who's a yoga teacher today . He seem very disappointed at how students are nowadays. ” The


When an animal is trying to established alpha status, they posture, they make themselves bigger, they face each other, they rarely kill each other, and

Universal MInd

all ancient MA is same, people fought,go to war, live , came back and figure out a better way to do things.They were very interested

JKd vs Wing Chun Crap

Since people are kinda re writing history and throwing mud at Bruce I will make an exception today to mention JKD. in response the WC

Mess With Them Right?

    I once trained a guy who love Wing Chun. He was having trouble against fast repeated jabs from far, I show him a

Learning Ability Test

Here's a fun experiment you can do with your friends at first Sometimes, after the co-operative phase of development and into the non-operative phase of

Bruce and Eras

 People that think in terms of what he taught in different eras in my opinion are tracking the wrong animal. There is a vast difference


You know in China Gung Fu is Gung Fu. It is viewed wholistically. Until modern marketing came along there was no separation: MA for fitness,

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