Lap Sau

How do you improve your Lap Sau

The Lap-Sau grab-hit is a great movement for offsetting your opponent’s balance and providing an opening for a hit. How do you improve your Lap

Kung Fu fake

Kung Fu is fake….some think so

Kung Fu is fake! Some people see the movement and they think it’s fake. How come there’s no pressure ? How come it looks so

train against tackle

How to train against a tackle

It’s vitally important that any stance and lower body training must work against take-down attempts. Let’s discuss some principles of how to train against a

make throws work

How to make throws work in Wing Chun

Some people say that Wing Chun doesn’t have any throws. That’s a very limited view of the art. Most martial arts system can throw. How

Empty Hands Vs Weapon Forms

Empty Hands vs Weapon Forms

What is the main difference between using empty hands vs weapon forms in Wing Chun? It’s not so much about techniques, but about the concept

Takedown Mechanics And Safety

Takedown Mechanics and Safety

Takedown mechanics and safety are equally important when trying to execute an effective takedown. Mechanics are important for effectiveness and safety considerations and practices are

Short Inch Power

What is Short Power or Inch Power

What is Short Power or Inch Power? It is often portrayed as a magical, mysterious, powerful attribute. The reality is that it’s just simple mechanics.

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