Hsing I and the Old Ways

Nice to see Hsing I and Yi quan have some interest lately Hsing I form and movements are common  But Hsing I qualities is hard

On Fear

Intimidation , how to override fear is a email question I get consistently …so I thought I ll share some thoughts based on my limited


Looking at history, theory aside , looking at what actually happened isn't it interesting that most punchers have beaten kickers and Most pure grapplers have

Non Cooperative Scenario Training

Non cooperative testing is the hardest thing to teach. Because although it is easy to show skills, it is very difficult to over ride people's

The Train and Subways

Vancouver – lately the violence on the train is getting out of hand So here is some common sense ideas, tell ur love ones  1


Made the mistake of picking up a black belt magazines…  Then I made a bigger mistake reading the ads  ” join this , buy that” 

Wing Chun , Boxing and History

Wing Chun , Boxing and History   Modern boxing fact: most pro level boxers miss up to 80% of their punches – this is the nature

Not the Same

Ideals  ” You may  have a idea of who you are, but you can only see the truth of who you actually are in the

Gung Fu

Fighting skillfully doesn't make you great,  Fighting for the right reason does… Most people nowadays are eager to fight over every little thing.. While running


Reflecting on training and goals today Develop a type of speed that people cannot deal with then go farther until you don't need speed. Develop

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