Relaxing Progression

A simple progression of learning to relax : 1) Relax when sitting  – ie sitting chi gung or systems of meditation. There are 100s of

A Deep Calm

The greatest art is learning how to relax because relax is soft and its expansive by nature . Tension is hard and it shrinks by


you stand up and sit down in the sametime,  You cannot walk north and walk south in the sametime, You cannot be relax and be


FAQ: ” What are some of the skills one would learn in your programs?  Members joining our programs enjoy the process of developing an articulate


Long before he became a legendary swordman and the founder of Muto Ryu (the sword of no sword) Tesshu Yamaoka was a serious student of

How dare you !!!!

  I think the bottom line is what YOU can make work. It seem the theme of 99 percent of MA organization posts is the same

Everyone is Welcome ? NO way !!

I just saw the local Vancouuver footage of the 220 lb man who attack the lady in the tatoo shop because the lady would not

I know what you will do ?????

Sometimes when you see MA, there seem to be an attachment to familiarity: WC student attack each other w WC. Judo ppl attack each other


Since the thread of deescalation came out, I got a few messages of how to do it as though it is a matter of only

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Wing Chun Training

Join Adam’s Local Wing Chun classes in Coquitlam, BC.

This course teaches you direct methods to connect, relax and to flow with the moment, energizing the mind when dealing with pressure.

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