Aim ” The act of aiming should be as unconscious as possible: if you concentrate on keeping the sight in the gold, you can

Facing a bigger attacker

Talking to a friend and being on a MA forum today, this topic seem to show up a lot… There seem to be a lot


Some people in the MA media ask I just wanna fight , I am not in it to become a better character. They all forget

Traditional martial arts or not ?

There seem to be a huger resistance towards anything traditional in MA . In class , when people put down tradition, I would make an


Intimidation People do MA for many reasons, one of the reason that people start Gung Fu is that they do not want to be humiliated

Meeting Wong Shun Leung

It was 20 years ago in 1995. I was a teenager. It was an honor as I wanted to meet Wong Shun leung since I

More on Fear

Doing 2 things at once If you practice Gung Fu without focusing imagining and visualizing that its the real thing happening, when the real thing

The Old Way

The Old ways As a “teacher” I am not traditional when I teach. My students call me by my first name, no one bows. I


. Through abuse, trauma and low self esteem , they have been taught to mistrust softness , peace and love. So when you teach them

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