The Lonely snowballs!!

Yesterday I was counselling a co-worker . He was complaining about that he does not have any close friends. Like most people, he has many

Changing Times

I remember a great Gung Fu master in the modern era once said that , although he can teach someone how to do the pole,

You attack wrong

You must understand how criminals attack if not the training is just silly. This IMO can be said of 99% of MA clips , rarely

Traditional Gung Fu ?

You can take something impractical, modify the crap out of it, use it in the right context and suddenly it is functional You can also

Gung Fu and well being

Quit a few of you old former students and friends have contact me recently for coffee to help you with your stress , depression and

Gung Fu Someday

A lot of the ancient European MA almost got extinct . A bunch of cool dudes with an undying passion , went around researching and

Gung Fu attitude and happiness

Remember If they put your stuff down, don’t defend it, let them underestimate the stuff, it works better like that. If they praise the stuff,

Slow down

If I see another Martial Arts Reality based guy deck out in his military gear presenting himself as a badass , I think I am

When in Danger..

Wow , another break in – this time resident call cops and they arrested him. The strata guy came down and we went to see

Does Fighting Experience matter ?

Does Fighting Experience matter ? Yes There is just too many Physical variables unforeseen that training can never duplicate. Especially the emotion state, the aftermath,

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