Timeless Gung Fu Story

Inspire by a clip I just saw of an awesome, talented stunt man in the UK who never train in Bruces art and yet is

The use of Force

There is no glory in victory, real life is not a rap video or a UFC match. In real life most died from their head

Two ways ,One path

Its 2 fold , on 1 hand , you are trying to get use to non co-operative attacks, and the ability to stop it dead

2 Ways of Learning

  1 Beginners class – an idea is explain to you, a goal is establish, you give it a try, the instructor corrects you, you

Beginners class

Some things to keep in mind when practicing in the beginners class 1 50% time – Go slow.This means not going fast. This sounds obvious

More Basics

While the MA community is busy selling the new tricks and endless techniques – trying to come up with “more” to satisfy customers…. there are

It’s about you

” It is a ball of fire, if you don’t put your hand in it , you won’t get burn” It is like the ocean,

Getting “Old ” ?

I was chatting with a worker about fitness and martial arts and stuff and he seem to hold the mindset that once you age you

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