Speed or Being fast is NOT enough

Why Being fast is NOT enough? “SPEED KILLS”. While that’s true, discover why just being fast is not enough !! The most common question I


Often, I see friends quit training in their 40s. Joints start to ache, energy lacking, they start to feel they cannot improve anymore. This is

The Uselessness of the Stuff

I am reminded today again that… as long as there are people out there who wants to impose their will on others through violence in

Chasing an attribute

Chasing an attribute Personally, i would not look for a system that is “suppose to” specializes in a relevant attribute “on paper”. Ie wing chun

Wing Chun vs ????

There seem to be alot of ” this style vs that style” in the net… a sign of low IQ. Here was my response …

Self Defense and Mindset

Little training in my opinion IS definitely better than no training because most people are never gonna train that much anyways and most attackers are

Before you move

Hit pads, developing good power Doing 2-man drill, developing good skill But usage is different , until its not what good is the power you

Confidence and self Development

Confidence Confidence is based on competence, being good at something. It is what a lot of people painfully long for. One problem is that confidence

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