Redirecting Force

Here we discuss some ideas on how to redirect an opponent’s force and blend in with an attack. We can take great ideas from other

How To Hit Harder Part 1

Some ideas on how to improve power in short punches using heavy bags, big motion movement and standing pose.

Illusion of Killer Instinct

Killer Instinct – This Combat Mindset idea usually results in a very tense mind and body….is this mainstream urban combat myth of badassness such a

Is Wing Chun Trapping Necessary?

There is a large debate about rather Wing chun techniques of Trapping and Sticking is necessary or how much time should be spent. Also is

Wing Chun Trapping Hands PT 1

Some basic ideas on sticking and Wing Chun techniques of trapping hands , how its trained and how it fits in actual application. Yes it

Was Bruce Lee good at Wing Chun Part 2

This mini clip : Response video to inaccurate criticism about Bruce and Wing Chun techniques or him using wing chun real fight. If false assumptions

Knife Fighting and human stupidity

Knife fighting Methods in the mainstream MA media is on the rise. Here’s a few vital things to consider in terms of skill sets and

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