How To Deal With Injuries

Wing Chun Vancouver Class w Adam Chan: Wing Chun techniques : How to Deal With Injuries – we will be looking at how to modify

Are Wing Chun Forms Useless? Part 2

Forms are useless if you do not know what the movements represent and they are very useful if you understand the idea behind the moves.

A SYSTEM vs STYLE | Adam Chan

What the difference between system vs style? How do one make things work in practical usage ? Example there is a huge difference between learning

How to Hit Harder Part 2

Although long fist circular hits from many Gung Fu systems are more powerful for the average practitioner , how do you do it with safely

Chi Kung and Martial Arts

Chi Kung Qiqong exercises and meditations methods are a very important skill to have in the modern world. Relaxing the nervous system releasing all the

Secrets of Sidestepping

Wing Chun techniques – how do you side step without getting caught? How do you pivot so the enemy cannot stop your strikes easily ?

Improvised Weapon

What makes an improvised weapon effective. The man or the tool? Aren’t the wing chun techniques of Pole and Ba Jam Do already an “improvise

Do you Do Wing Chun?

Vancouver Kung Fu Class w Adam Chan: The most often ask quesiton in the last 20 years- what systems besides Wing Chun techniques are in

Trapping Hands Part 2

we will look at trapping with the rear hand when our bodies are crossed up. This is usually the most difficult position for most students

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