Mastering Fighting Movements

This Kung fu Podcast series is design to help the serious student learn any system much faster In this part we will be talking about

Wing chun vs Grab & Punch

Techniques from classical Gung Fu such as Wing Chun Punching , Hsing I splitting, some footwork fr NCGF In this video we will look at

Fighting Accuracy: Wing Chun

WING CHUN , Tai Chi, Ba kau, Hsing I, Mantis etc – there is a real functional reason why so many Gung Fu systems and

Wing Chun vs a Bigger Attacker

How do we use Wing CHun, tai chi and other Gung Fu against superior strength? We only have time in this short video to look

What Can I Do if I’m Slow

Techniques taken from Wing Chun, Non classical gung fu, boxing , tai chi. In this video we will be looking at some option against a

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Wing Chun Training

Join Adam’s Local Wing Chun classes in Coquitlam, BC.

This course teaches you direct methods to connect, relax and to flow with the moment, energizing the mind when dealing with pressure.

Send us your name email and previous experience to try a class.