Techniques are not enough

Some moves rely more on speed and accuracy. Some moves rely more on power. Some moves need sticking power, some more shocking, some to penetrate.

Basics – Importance of a good stance

All classical low stances like cat, bow-arrow forward and back, dragon-twist, horse, half horse, 1-knee kneel, etc, etc are all really just transitional things, not

Don’t use average thinking

It’s common when people see something bad they criticize and make funIt’s also common when people see something great, they automatically say ” we do

Training: Go with the season

Spring just started – so just started Yang training, day 2, extremely sore haha.Spring is the season of “yang rising”, plants animals, etc. In traditional

Laughing at other arts…

Quite often I see people laugh at things that don’t work. I see this all day long…. sigh. I don’t do that. Because all that

Beginners Mind

Some of my fondest memories was meeting my teachers for the first time. Inevitably, the same thing happens every time: I walk in with these

The Art in martial arts

“The purpose of art is to keep man sane ” Ralph Emerson, Poet/ArtistIt is easy to be pissed off, its easy to feel like crap,

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