The Price for practicality

Sometimes we pay a price for “practicality”. In the process of simplifying things, focusing on only the big thing, we often miss too many little

Moving Good

Some arts have a lot of right angles like Karate, for example, great. Some arts are obsessed with triangles like Hsing I and Wing Chun.

Learn Faster in Martial Arts

People who do not train tend to spend a lot of time discussing which approach is the best. The thing is, regardless of systems, most

The first and last technique

A lot of people want the results but hate repetitive movement. Great movers don’t care about the result anymore, they just want to feel the

Martial Arts: the limitation of Benefits

Train to be more confidentTrain to kick assTrain to get in shapeTrain to _____More reasons, more marketingForget it …If you make yourself train for a


Throughout history…..The way of the sword was for peaceWhen peace times finally cameThere was no need for the way of the swordWarriors had no more

Effective Goal Setting…

The key to developing great skill is to set goals and measure the results. The secret to effective goal setting is…. honestyPeople do MA for

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Wing Chun Training

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This course teaches you direct methods to connect, relax and to flow with the moment, energizing the mind when dealing with pressure.

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