Seasonal Training

In the winter and fall – I mostly work on yin qualities, to soften up, to relax more and remain effective, mind and body. everything

Wing Chun is backwards

In most Chinese systems, one starts with the basics and the “good stuff” is save as one advances, its a linear learning order.Wing Chun is

Keeping it Simple is not so easy

Simple minded simplicity is not the true simplicity, its the dumb downing of things for the massesTrue simplicity is like everything in mother nature, it

Doing Chi Sau Outside Class

There are a lot of games in MA, push hands, freestyle random, Chi Sau, sparring whether it’s 1 step 3 step, freestyle, etcGames are good,

The irony of learning how to fight

SUN TZU, art of war states:”Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance, never interrupt an enemy when he’s making a mistake “Modern MA culture:Pretend you are

Mastery, master yourself

“Mastery demands all of you ” – Albert Einstein.Pick a thing, anything and do it with everything you got. Then everything else that makes ordinary

Gung Fu: keep it Simple

“Big moves are not as good as small move, small moves are not as good as stillness” – Wang Xiang Zhai – Founder of Yi

Kung Fu movies need to change

I am pretty sick of the Chinese films always kicking white people’s asses. Movie after movie about little Asians kicking the big bad white guys

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Wing Chun Training

Join Adam’s Local Wing Chun classes in Coquitlam, BC.

This course teaches you direct methods to connect, relax and to flow with the moment, energizing the mind when dealing with pressure.

Send us your name email and previous experience to try a class.