Techniques don’t win fights

IMPORTANT – Regardless of style, techniques don’t win fights. Most styles have the same trend. They all advocate their own unique concepts and great ideas.

Martial Arts and facing the unknown

The obsession over what’s already known is the need for security – people are generally very eager to express their opinion, even without direct experience.The

Chi Kung

Qi Gong Hay Gung Chi Kung all same just different spelling, pre-communist it was just called Nei Gung, literally ” inner work”.There are many ways

Simplicity is not easy

Simple minded simplicity stuff is basic and easy – its when people can see what you are doing and can therefore easily develop counters for.

Chi Kung and meditation

Chi Gung is like Meditation in the sense that it is Zen rather one uses that word or notYou do nothing, you move nothing.Instead, the

Perceive the core of it

You know when people see others move, they always say, O it’s like this and like that. The mind naturally seekers familiarity and reference points.

Training benefits alone are kinda BS

There are many benefits to MA: confidence, fitness, awareness, combat efficiency, etc.However, what I notice after 31 years in this stuff is that Benefits are

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