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Adam Chan

I started in Martial Arts in 1986 and studied :

  • Wing Chun (Moy Yat Lineage) under Sifu Joeseph Boychuck
  • Mike Smith’s Applied combatives (Mike studied Tai Chi, Bakua, Hsing I, Shaolin, Flipino MA )
  • Non-classical Gung Fu with Jesse Glover and Ed Hart
  • Yi Quan – Si Gung Tung

After that, I spent decades modifying, discovering and experimenting with it in order to use Martial Arts effectively against criminal assaults in today’s world. PMA is not a fixed system or style, it is an evolving research using the scientific method :

  1. Identify real situations, different scenarios (ie. frontal confrontations, group attacks formations, knife attackers, guns situations, ambush scenario, in the dark, etc)
  2. Once the situations are identified, I test different proposed solutions to find the most direct way to shut down the attacker in these situations. The realistic, non-cooperative testing is filmed and documented for research :
    • If it works less than 90% of the time it is thrown away.
    • If it took longer than 3-5 seconds to shut down an attacker, it’s thrown away.
    • If it only works because of superior strength, it’s thrown away.
  3. Once I find what works for a particular situation based on the above, I design drills to:
    • Program the solutions into our body’s nervous system so it can be used without thought
    • Develop the necessary attributes to make the solutions work (ie speed, accuracy, power, reflexes)
  4. Once it is it is programed into the body, I test it again, modify it farther and develop it again – it is a repeated cycle.

Sometimes, I’ve borrowed tools from different systems /styles from my background. Sometimes, I had to heavily modify things to fit a particular scenario. Most of the time I had to come up with my own solutions. This scientific method of research is what separates us from a lot of styles – nothing is based on ideals, everything is best on test results in the lab. So what I teach is the result of decades of this continual research. I have never given this stuff a name because I am afraid my students will start thinking in terms of a fix dead finish system or style instead of a continual evolving, open-ended, alive process like science. So for convenience sake, I call it Pragmatic Martial Arts Research.

Wing Chun Training

Join Adam’s Local Wing Chun classes in Coquitlam, BC.

This course teaches you direct methods to connect, relax and to flow with the moment, energizing the mind when dealing with pressure.

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