Generating Power Using Torque


Generating power using torque is possible. Sometimes you end up really close to your opponent and there’s no room to throw a good hit. By using your heels to dig into the ground and using twist/sinking motion, you can generate enough power for an effective hit.

Your core does all the work. You can practice this kind of movements on a heavy bag to get a good feeling of how to make it work.
Train hard. Stay safe.

The key to effective kicks in Wing Chun


Wing Chun kicks look boring, but when done correctly, they are very effective. What is the key to effective kicks in Wing Chun?

Part of the reason the kicks look boring is because there’s great emphasis on not telegraphing your kick.
What good is speed and power if you telegraph your kick? All the speed and power in the world is no good if you don’t touch the target.

Don’t move your shoulders, don’t make facial expressions, don’t turn your tips.
As always, go slow, train safely, work on your non-telegraphing skills.