How to train against a tackle

train against tackle

It’s vitally important that any stance and lower body training must work against take-down attempts. Let’s discuss some principles of how to train against a tackle attempt.

More important than speed and power is the ability to move without triggering your partner’s reflexes.

Besides the chain punch, in the beginning, the techniques I used in this clip are not from Wing Chun but that’s OK.

It’s important to learn to chase, feel, connect in a vertical plane not just horizontal. This is how Wing Chun loses almost every single time …. they almost always get taken down by a basic tackle. What’s the point of training for years and cannot stop a basic move?

It is actually very easy to fix and yet it is rarely fixed because most Wing Chun people I met refuse to do anything that is NOT Wing Chun and instead rather get keep taken down…

IMO The art should be approached like a science never like a close-minded religious cult. An open mind is important, from a fighting point of view, it allows you to go outside your system and do things that will easily save you. More important than fighting, an open mind leads to an open heart and, that is the art’s quiet offering.