What is Short Power or Inch Power

Short Inch Power

What is Short Power or Inch Power? It is often portrayed as a magical, mysterious, powerful attribute. The reality is that it’s just simple mechanics.

Duan Ging or Short Power in Gung Fu can be useful, It is short and therefore very hard to read and stop.

The problem is that, very often in the MA media, it has turned into a parlor trick. In reality, many gung fu systems use it, it is nothing mysterious, just good mechanics.

It’s also multidirectional, it’s not just forward techniques, and it’s not a particular punch or special technique.

In fact, one should be able to express short work or short power/inch power in all directions and in all techniques.

The Importance of Early Versus Late Timing

Early vs Late Timing

The importance of early versus late timing in your martial arts training cannot be overstated. Here’s a video explaining some of the concepts.

In Wing Chun and all Gung Fu, we must study a lot to know the difference between early versus late timing.

If possible, attack and defense should be used in one motion, anything extra is only used when you’re late. Direct or indirect, there is no better way.

It all depends completely on timing.

Why are forms useful for martial arts training

Wing Chun Forms Application

Why are forms useful for martial arts training? First, check out the video below.

In Wing Chun and all Gung Fu, sometimes people say forms are useless. That’s like saying a dictionary is not a great novel – it’s not a smart criticism.

I mean, a dictionary is not meant to be a story…. it is just a basic learning aid. Likewise, forms are just presentation as ideas, you take those ideas and play with them in 2 – man drills to make them come alive.