Counter-Strikes and Quick Escapes Against Big Guys

FAQ does size matter ??? – YES.

Skill can tip the scale BUT only if the difference is marginal.

Some ideas vs a bigger guy are:

  1. Doing the unexpected – Since he is bigger, he is expecting you to hit and move, to retreat, the last thing he expects you to do is to charge forward. In order to charge forward without taking risks on a heavier opponent, there must be built-in sensitivity to pressure.
  2. Cutting off momentum
  3. Angling and Redirecting
  4. Striking vitals
  5. Having no gaps in motions
  6. Blend your attack with escaping/running as one movement

There are many ideas to explore.. BUT ideas are useless unless one can DO it.

Consistent training is a must. In order to make it effective each idea must be:

  1. First work on in an isolation drill.
  2. Proceed to worked on in a random drill
  3. And finally…tested vs a bigger guy in a non co-operative testing drill.

The truth is there are many many approaches to dealing with a bigger opponent. A lot of systems were invented for this purpose. In the future I might be writing a series of articles on this topic.