Be a seeker ask the right questions

It doesn’t matter if someone is great at something, what good is it if I can’t make it work for me?

It doesn’t matter if someone can’t make their stuff work, what if we can take it and make it work great for us … consistently?

And yet everywhere are praises for the “great” or criticisms for the ” bad”.  It’s pretty much what we see on the internet most of the time – that seems to be the average IQ nowadays .

A seeker is different, he doesn’t praise much or put down others, he only asks how can what he sees make him better than he was yesterday?

Start slowly, instead of just praising, ask how you can use it. Instead of criticizing , ask how you can fix it and use it. Think like a mechanic. Instead of being another average mind talking crap, built the habit of asking inquiring questions. Its not about what others are doing , what can you do?

Then slowly a feeling will eventually creep up that everything that happens to you is your own creating, it is a strange empowering feeling. The opposite of saying things but not doing it – a major cause of misery.

This way of thinking was largely influence by Taoism and later a hint from Jesse RIP, it have help me tremendously. Sometimes, I fail to do it, but I keep at it the best I can.