Learning to move

 IMO motor learning is a gradual process, trying to pin it down to when it is developed is almost impossible for any artists. He did wing chun vertical straight punching, added fencing lunge fr his brother peter in 59, added boxing 1-2 combo body turning, all these elements is the beginning straight lead – all those elements was well documentated in Jesse red book. Ted wong stated he notice he was always studying past boxers and refine his lead over and over, little bit here, a little bit there, it was a on ON GOING PROCESS . Ie his side kick close , jesse said it took him 10 years to develop it to the point where it was comparable to his hand close. His sidekick was a wing chun stomp , when he met richard leung, it change his side kick to have a bow stance frame, he copy the skipping step from a savate book and later I thnk in 61-62? was influence by watching sensei Niyashima in Seattle- this again was documented in Jesse's book. His Later students stated after seattle he look at other ppl as well AGAIN A ON GOING PROCESS. When ppl talk about Bruce as separate eras , it is a mistake in my opinion, but good for marketing. Because the fact is motor learning is almost always a gradual PROCESS impossible to pin point – ie If you read up in the complex learning curve of how infants learn to walk , it will give a great idea of how nervous systems develop in terms of motor learning and connecting syllaspes – a quick look at biology will show that it is a on going process.Whereas when it is pin point into static points , it is simply against biology. It is critical for a student to be shown the PROCESS of HOW to develop, if they just copy the product, it will be hard to reach ones top potential IMO. This is a major reason why, very few ppl can move like Bruce, they are trying to copy his product/technique, without learning THE PROCESS of HOW he develop his motor skills and attribute. This was Jesse's opinion and Wong SHun Leung's opnion when at the end of his life, Bruce complain to Wong that none of his students can move like him. I agree w Jesse and WOng on this because the prove is few guys that follow bruce can move like him, so what they know the technique?. I especially agree with their opinions after I look at Basic science on motor learning. So The only thing someone can realistically do is track some of the elements he play with and learn the PROCESS for themselves then most people would be able to move much better than they ever thought BUT if they just learn a technique (ie lead, backfist etc) without knowing the process, the result would be what Bruce complain about – people can't move. And if you can't move well in terms of speed, accuracy and power then you can't make his stuff work against someone good. One of the best things to do is to look not at technique and style but to look at which teacher CONSISTENTLY, produce students that can move well – whoever that is, is a teacher that understands the PROCESS (Cus Damato, Jesse, etc).

 Anyone can show anyone a technique ie hey here's how you do a straight punch. Technique is what people argue about and its what sells semianrs and dvds But HOW do you get someone new who's willing to work to move lightning fast, super accurate, powerful ? Never mind the consideration of tactics, sensing, back up etc. But just the very basic , HOW do you get someone to max out on the BASICS attributes that his genetics would allow? If the basic attributes arent there then the basic techniques wont work. IF the basic attributes arent there then theres no point doing things past the basics. If you are in a system that relies soley on pot shotting, reading intention, 1 shot power/acuracy, closing speed and you have no idea how to train those things but you only know the technique… it won't work mass reps can only get you so far. This is why there are 6 million WC guys and yet we don't see many wong shun leungs, theres 10000s of JKD guys and we dont see many Bruce, there is many boxers and we dont see many tysons. Great systems don't make great fighters, great teachers who know the process do.This is the question I have ponder for decades. In 1995, I asked WOng shun leung about BRuce, Wong taught BRuce in HK and he told me, Bruce would've been great in any style because he work hard and knew HOW TO train (What you train is secondary, HOW you train is the key).Years later Steve said, Fook show BRuce something and within a week he was doing good enough to learn the next layer to it. Example, people talk about cutting motions and being non telegraphic physcially but when you watch most move , they are not near Bruce at all, they are just talking about it. One of the things he did was hold out weights for long periods of time – this he said was one thing that help him alot in not telegraphing, these are the type of things Bruce would never tell people. This is similiar to weight rolling you see choy lee fut and mantis people do except Bruce was crazy and did it with 70lbs!!! And he had tones and tones of training tips like these – he never showed HOW he trained himself, he just show people techniques but they could never figure out how he did it so well.There are many more examples Jesse talked about. Then even if you past that point, what about non physical telegrahics ????? (the field, nei gung)hahhaha.I will might write more examples if there's interests but I have to run. have a great day guys