Steve Smith, Leader / Inheritor of Fook Yeung Chuan

There are very few people in the world who I am willing to recommend people to for training and Adam Chan is on the Short list of that Short List. Adam Chan’s skill in personal self defense, traditional and non traditional martial arts is exceptional and his caring for society at large puts him at the top. As one of Adam’s students a person can expect to develop exceptional ability in methods that will work in the real world, (almost too well). If you are interested in developing that kind of skill and are open to think about the moral side of training you would have to go far to get comparable training.

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Sifu Lamar M. Davis II – Founder of HARDCORE JEET KUNE DO

I would highly recommend Adam Chan and his teaching/learning materials to anyone who is interested in learning serious self defense! Adam is a great instructor, and can not only teach it, but more importantly … DO IT! His approach to teaching and training is very similar to Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do.Similar enough, in fact, to catch my attention, which is not an easy task as long as I have been in the martial arts! If you get the chance to train with Adam, by all means do so! I highly recommend it!

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